Higher education students’ awareness towards the Human Rights dimensions in relation to nature of residence, Levels of education, stream and age group

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Juli Saikia, Dr. R. D. Padmavathy


The present study explores the level of higher education student’s awareness towards human rights dimensions regarding documents, concepts & principles, situations involving human rights violations. In addition to that, compare the difference in higher education student’s awareness towards human rights dimensions with regards to the nature of residence, levels of education, academic stream and age level. To achieve the objective normative survey research design was adopted. Data was collected using the Human Rights awareness Test” developed and standardized by Vishal Sood &Arti Anand, (2012) from 200 higher education students pursuing courses in university were selected using simple random sampling. Descriptive and differential statistics were used to analyze the data. The result revealed there is a significant difference in awareness towards the human rights dimension among higher education students on the basis of their nature of residence, nature of qualification and age level but not on stream of study.

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