The Communication Language In Artistic Paintings For Art Education Students

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Asst. Prof. Ronak Abbood Jaber Al – Mohammed


Art is a creative human activity that inspires with sensory, imaginative, symbolic and aesthetic elements that attract the attention of the human soul, it has an impact in the individualmind and has been implemented by the human embodied artistic since ancient times, especially the art of painting.

And paintings in which lines are mixed with colors to form a world of feelings, impressions and organization that is translated by the recipient into the sight language.

In order for identifying the artistic communication in the plastic paintings of the educated recipient in the Department of Art Education through their response to the research form, the researcher built an analysis form that contained (7) fields for (27) items, after confirming thetool validity and reliability, the form was applied to second grade students / daytime / Department of Art Education / College of Fine Arts. The most important finding of the researcher is the appearance of the human formimpression, geometric, and foundationsfield as a whole, as well as attracts attention - sadness - inspires love and clarity of the painting position for the recipient student.

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