Nosophobia And Self-Efficacy For Exercise Among Students Of Science During Pandemic

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Abinaya.V & Dr.Ilakkiya.L


Nosophobia is an overwhelming anxiety about getting any disease has amplified to a greater extent during the pandemic. People are increasingly becoming germophobes and are startled by the slightest amount of threat to their health. Then again, we have another set of people who are completely not frightened by corona virus. Even though ignorance might be an easy, go-to reason for such mentalities, we can witness certain people who are extremely confident about their health and fitness, mostly tend to fall on the ‘not afraid of corona or any other disease’ spectrum. This study aims to compare the illness attitude and self-efficacy for exercise among students of psychology and non-psychology streams.

Objectives: To identify and draw comparison between psychology and non-psychology students on their illness attitude and self-efficacy for exercise.

Methods: Sample 1 and 2which consists of students who pursue psychology and non-psychology majors, respectively, was chosen for this study. Both male and female participants were included in the sample. Data collection through the following questionnaires: Illness Attitude Scale by Robert Kellner in 1987 and Self-Efficacy for Exercise (SEE) Scale by Resnick& Jenkins in 2000. Purposive sampling technique will be adopted.

Results: Independent sample t test results revealed that there is a significant difference in the mean of two groups, in their illness attitude at the significant level p < 0.01 while the self-efficacy for exercise doesn’t show significant difference between the two groups.

Conclusion: There is a significant difference in illness attitude among students of science and Presence of nosophobia was found among psychology students.

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