Changing Skills of Human Resource Professionals and Challenges in Employee Retention in the Age of Great Resignations: An Analysis of Trends and Factors

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Dr. Deepthi Kuppuswamy


In these times of Great Resignations, the skill sets of the Human Resource (HR) professionals are undergoing a paradigm shift to ensure the right employee retention. It is also the time that the skillsets of the HR professionals are being tested in the organization’s success rate in employee retention. There are many emerging trends in the HR practice that are redefining the HR profession in the post-pandemic era that is replete with the sagas of employee low morale and work from home related issues. It has become vital for the organizations and the HR professionals to have a serious rethink over the professional skillsets and to fully understand the new trends that are ushering in sweeping changes at all levels. It is has also become critical for the HR to understand the factors, causes and consequences that are heralding some unprecedented changes in the field of human resource management. This paper strives to present the research-based findings related to the changing domain nature of the HR with a special focus on the emerging trends in the field.

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