Creating a Positive Psychology of teaching in online learning: University Lecturers' Views

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Apiah Agustiani, Susilo


The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed face-to-face learning methods into online or remote classes at all levels of education almost all over the world. This change led to a variety of responses for teachers and lecturers in Indonesia. This paper explains the perception of lecturers at the university level about the implementation of online lectures during the pandemic. A total of 151 lecturers from various private universities in Indonesia were involved in this study. Closed questionnaires and semi-structured interviews are used to collect data. Hermeneutic techniques with an inquencing narrative approach are used to analyze data.  Most lecturers argue positively against the implementation of distance lectures, although there is a small part that they complain about. A total of 140 participants from 151 lecturers were satisfied and comfortable conducting online lectures because of the flexible, highly effective time and place and supporting infrastructure of the teaching institutions. However, as many as 11 other participants experienced dissatisfaction in conducting online lectures due to various factors including internet network constraints, the implementation of practicum that could not be done online, as well as the assessment process of student learning outcomes. Therefore, various experiences of lecturers in the implementation of online lectures need to be considered for educational institutions to be better in the future.

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