Augmenting Accelerated Learning through Disruptive Visual Works during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Bhanu Arora , Dr. Jagat Narayan Giri


Covid-19 pandemic came as a Disruption in the conventional knowledge dissemination as physical interaction between authors and receivers was severed overnight. During this scenario the role of Visuals increased in teaching and in co-creation of information dissemination sessions. Disruptive Visual Works (DVWs) needed to be put in practice to speed up the acceleration of dissemination and implementation at different levels for different participants by stimulating Visual Spatial Intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence to encourage critical thinking, active participation and to co-create solutions for given scenarios. Digital preparation of the information in the virtual world allowed convenient use of such visual tools through application software like Miro, Mural, JamBoard and Lucid Chart. As part of the road map of digital learning, a visual thinking workshop was arranged in which 73 participants participated in the questionnaire put at the end of the workshop to understand the way forward while introducing self-drawn visual components. Workshop exposed participants behavior on the skills unlearned and challenges in rekindling Visual-Spatial Intelligence and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. To conclude it was found out that participants are aware of visual components in an activity but have hesitation to put it in practice and require encouragement to make the best use of it in accelerated learning.

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