Research on the Budget Evaluation: Training and Its Cost Control for ECE Educators in China

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Xuan Tang , Yan Liu , Jinru Liang


Human resource training contributes to developing an effective workforce that enhances their performance and adds value to the organization. These principles apply to educators' training programs that ensure the educational system and the infant and young children can gain an innovative curriculum. In essence, the skill development of educators is reflected in the proper development of children. These theoretical and practical skills cover all aspects of early childhood education and foster an attitude toward adaptiveness and innovation. And the current budgeting issues related to Early Care and Education (ECE) schemes and National Teacher Training Program (NTTP) in China have been discussed to indicate the gaps in the educational system and educators' training.

The research is a qualitative study that has selected a specific research philosophy, approach and sampling techniques. It describes the barriers to effective educators' training and provides proper accommodations for constructing a cost-effective plan for them. A qualitative analysis has revealed that micro training and online training are beneficial strategies for managing the cost of their training while maintaining the quality of the training course. Additionally, government and local aid are necessary associating factors that ensure that an effective training system is required to close the gaps in ECE educators' training.

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