Analysis Of Space Structure As The Impact Of Urbanization

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Ken Martina Kasikoen, Dita Senditia, Akhmad Fais Fauzi, Mohd Haizam Saudi


The growth of a region that is quite high often occurs in areas that have a special role, be it the central region of the economy, education and government. That is one of the causes of the formation of new areas or commonly called new urban areas. During the formation of new urban areas there is an urban process called urbanization. This has resulted in changes in land use from non-build up area to build up area. The amount of building build-up area that increases will affect the determination of spatial structure that has been predetermined by the local government. For this reason, an analysis of changes in land use and spatial structure is needed in Tembalang District, Semarang City. This study aims to (1) Identify the physical impact of urbanization on the growth of built areas in the study area; (2) Identifying changes in spatial structure based on the number of facilities in the Tembalang District. This research uses a mixed research method. Where in the analysis using the weighted centrality index method and map overlay The results of this study indicate an urban process that has an influence on land use change, where during the period of 11 years there was an increase in the area of ​​the built area compared to the green area. Thus, the addition of areas built both housing and infrastructure change the spatial structure of Tembalang District from 2003 to 2014

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