Khadi Consumer Awareness in Delhi/NCR Region: Exploring Influencing Factors

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Deepa Yadav, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Modi


Khadi, also known as “Khaddar”, is India’s signature brand which came into existence during the pre-independence era. Khadi have seen favoritism from the natives of India for the better of decades. Due to increased usage of internet tools, people now can reach information about Khadi easily but the consumer's mind is affected by many factors which impacts their awareness about the purchase they are going to make.  This study investigates the factors that influence consumer awareness when buying Khadi products. A primary research survey was conducted in the Delhi/NCR region and 171 samples were finalized for data analysis through a structured questionnaire. This study identifies, measures and classifies 37 research items into variables, namely advertisement, purchase intention, price, authentication/quality consciousness, consumer knowledge and source of information. These six factors can be used to explain consumer awareness level in the context of Khadi products

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