A Study on the Scope of E-Commerce Industry in Covid 19 Situation: A Review of Literature on Indian Incorporations

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Rakesh Kumar Patra, K. Sharath Chandra Reddy, K.Manohar Reddy , T.Naveen Kumar Reddy


Web based business incorporates purchasing and selling of crude material, items, administrations or any sort of labour and products through an electronic medium (web) by the customer, retailer, and business. While, web based business retail is the trading of labor and products between an online retail organization and purchasers (by and large end-clients). .E-trade has changed the manner in which business is done in India. The Indian E-trade market is required to develop to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion starting at 2017. In this research study all the data are collected from secondary sources and after studying all the relevant literature the conclusion drawn is that there is a huge scope for e-commerce industry but they have to change their business model and eco system.

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