Changing Structure of Marriage and Fertility In 21st Century (With Reference to Indian Society)

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Dr. Nidhi Tyagi, Mr. Amit Kumar, Kumar Ahutosh, Dr. Yuvika Tyagi, Dr. Radhey ShyamJha


Through this paper an attempt is made to study the impact of change in the marital age group of females and its influence on fertility.The study also takes into account the underlying causes behind delay in marriages in advanced contemporary societies. Through an analysis of no. of children born to women in different age groups and percentage of fertility in different periods it is observed that lower the age at marriage the higher is the ratio of fertility. Intermediary variables indicate that delay in marriage increases with work status, job availability socio-economic conditions, circumstantial factors etc. However out of all these factors Education is considered as one of the most strongest determinant of variation in age at marriage further influencing fertility ratios in society.


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