The Meaning of Processing Grebeg Tengger Village Tirto Aji Sendang Widodaren Mangliawan, Pakis District, Malang Regency

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Ratih Ari Satitik, Sahid Teguh Widodo, Arif Setyawan


Grebeg Tengger Tirto Aji (GTTA) is an annual ritual that has functions, benefits and is in accordance with the understanding and beliefs of the Tengger Tribe which is carried out once a year. The existence of GTTA continues to be developed by maintaining sacredness for the common interest of the Tengger Tribe. This study aims to describe the stages and processions of the meaning of GTTA in Sendang Widodaren. The form of this research is descriptive qualitative with an ethnographic approach. The data collection technique used observation, interview and documentation techniques in Sendang Widodaren, Mangliawan Village, Pakis District, Malang Regency. Data analysis using interactive analysis techniques. The results of this study are the stages of the grebeg procession, namely the tumpeng procession, greetings, bedaya lok suruh dance, taking holy water, burakan tumpeng (scramble over the tumpeng) and larung offerings (swept away the offerings). The meaning of the GTTA procession has a different meaning at each stage. But overall it aims at healing, controlling pests, fertilizing plants, fostering a sense of brotherhood between religious adherents, and traditional culture. In essence, this ritual is an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for being given abundant blessings and sustenance.

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