Assistive Technology Services in Sped Schools

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Babia, Jestoni P., Alaras, Leo G., Cotejo, Donna Gradce I., Candia, Benedict Al E.


This study identifies the assistive technology services of SPED Centers in Cebu. SPED teachers, parents, and administrators respond to a standardized questionnaire, FGD, and interviews to determine the adequacy level of assistive technology services of public and private Sped Centers in Cebu in terms of Referral, Evaluation, and Extended Assessment, Plan Development, Implementation, and Periodic Review. The first result shows no significant difference between teachers’ and parents’ perceptions of the adequacy of SPED centers in Cebu, a total of 3.086 T-value. The second result shows no significant relationship between the teachers’ adequacy in integrating assistive technology services in SPED schools and the teachers’ qualifications, a total of 2.080 Critical T-value. The third result shows no significant relationship between teachers’ adequacy and teachers’ experiences in integrating assistive technology, a total of 2.080 Critical T-value. Therefore, this study concludes that the assistive technology services given to special education centers in public and private schools were adequate based on the six components identified. Henceforth, this study recommends that the DepEd include provisions in training SPED teachers in using assistive technology. Likewise, the parents must be assistive technology, and the schools catering to special needs must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

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