Integration of Security Hardware Module Zymkey 4i With Raspberry Pi

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Rizzo Mungka Rechie, Nur Nabila Mohamed, Yusnani Mohd Yussoff, Lucyantie Mazalan, Suhairi Mohd Jawi, Mohd Saufy Rohmad


The use of Raspberry Pi as a personal computer for daily or office use has been perceived as a new norm in the past few years. The motivation for this is the reliability and the reasonable price for it. As the usage of Raspberry Pi has increased especially along the IoT related industry, the demand of hardware security towards the Raspberry Pi has also increased. As Raspberry Pi are relatively new for some users, the implementation of Zymkey 4i as the security module is an added advantage when the Raspberry Pi is being implemented in a large number at one institution. The implementation of the hardware security module had shown great result on securing the Raspberry Pi without it being monitored regularly.

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