PCB Design for IoT Based Fire Detection and Alarm System

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Norsuzila Ya’acob , Yasser Asrul Ahmad , Fadhila Nasir Al Mashhoor


A server room is a hub for operations and IT infrastructure. As a lot of physical computers are stored, operated, and accessed from a server room, it is important to take safety measures to protect the data in this room from fire hazard. A hard-wired fire sensor is commonly placed in the server room. The system is large and when placed at proximity, the system can be damaged by the fire easily. This paper proposes an IoT-based fire alarm system that is smaller in size and operates independently from the server. This system is designed to consist of temperature and gas sensors that will take readings from its surroundings and alert the user through an IoT gateway. The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is designed and built using KiCad software to enable integration of gas and temperature sensors together with the IoT ESP8266 on a small footprint.  The system was initially tested before the PCB design and retested again for validation when integrated on the PCB. Threshold values are set for the sensors, to alert the user remotely incase the threshold values are exceeded. The system demonstrates functionality when the real-time data is retrieved by the web application Blynk. The user can be alerted and remotely monitor and use this system.

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