Variables Of Job Satisfaction Mediate the Influence Between Job Characteristicss and Apparatus Performance at The National Narcotics Agency

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Osberth Sinaga, Munajat Syamsuddin, Robert Tua Siregar


This study aims to determine two antecedent variabels of job satisfaction and the impact on apparatus performance of National Narcotics Agence Aceh Province. The data used is the data by distributing questionnaires to 177 respondent of apparatus National Narcotics Agency Aceh Province. The data source is primary, the dissemination of questionnaires to respondents, the data collection technique used in this study is to use questionnaires is a series of questions that are submitted written and disseminated to respondents to get answers in writing from the National Narcotics Agency apparatus in Aceh Province. To analyze the data, the statistical analysis used structure equation modeling and processed with the help of the application Amos. In this study, the authors use the structural equation model method to test hypotheses, structural equation model is a set of statistical techniques that allows the simultaneous testing of a relatively complex series of relationships. What is meant by complicated is that simultaneous models are formed through more than one dependent variable at the same time acting as independent variables for other tiered relationships. The variables measured include work characteristics effect toward job satisfaction and then analysis of statistical test is work characteristics and job satisfaction effect toward of apparatus performance of  national narcotics agency Aceh Province. The result job satisfaction variable  effect of partial mediated  on work characteristics toward to apparatus Performance of  National Narcotics Agency Aceh Province.

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