Hindu-Islam Relationship In Bali

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I Ketut Wisarja, Ni Nyoman Suastini


Cultural traditions or local wisdom inherited by Balinese ancestors from time immemorial are still maintained steadily. These cultural values ​​have a very high philosophical meaning, so the next generation must strengthen, preserve and revitalize them to maintain harmonious relations. The long history of Balinese people maintaining harmonious relations between religious believers was tested when the Bali Bombings I and Bali Bombing II tragedy struck the Padis Club Sari Club and other places in Bali at that time. Instead of provoking inter-religious conflicts, they are welcomed by strengthening the bonds of unity and brotherhood among religious believers. The proof is that all religious people and their figures have joined together to help the victims. All Balinese people (regardless of religion) condemn the suicide bomber as a brutal and barbaric act that does not know humanity. This article aims to discuss and analyze the factors that caused the relationship and history of Islam in Buitan-Manggis Village and Hindu-Islamic harmony in Bali to be well and harmoniously maintained until now.


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