Understanding Enhancement in Energy Level with Psychotherapeutic Intervention using OAM in a young adult with Depression

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Prof (Dr.) Padmakali Banerjee, Arati Sharma, Dr. Amita Puri


Optimism is the spirit of achievement. This simply means that an optimistic person is someone who always tries to see the best in all situations. Optimistic is confronted with and is confident that good things will happen in the end. Optimism is a nail belief system that encompasses an individual's tendency to believe that things will be fine after some time, even if things are not good at the time.

When an individual develops an optimistic attitude, the body's numerous systems and immune system are strengthened, allowing optimist to adopt a more concentrated and energetic approach to their overlook, obtaining better overall rewards. Optimistic have better resilience and coping mechanisms to overcome adversity and even turn the situation in their favour. Pessimistic people, on the other hand, are unable to utilise  their resources because they are too occupied feeling sorry for themselves and spending their time focusing on their shortcomings rather than their blessings. They do not feel grateful for what they have and instead complain about what they do not have.


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