The Challenges of Divorce on Women Socio-Economic Status in Ethiopia: The Case if Dambi Dollo Town, Oromia Regional State

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Benti Mekonen Abdisa, Degaga Hambisa Wayu


This article was conducted under title, the challenges of divorce on women socio economic status and it focus on identifying and clarifying. The objectives of this paper are to investigate the socio economic challenges of divorce on women in Dambi Dollo town, Oromia Regional State. In this study, deals about review literature are definition of divorce, factor of divorce, consequences of divorce. In order to conduct this, the researchers was selected 99 respondent by simple random sampling .For data collection the researcher used sample techniques such as secondary and primary data and will analysis this data by using descriptive statically analysis to described the response of divorced and non _divorce spouses. The findings show that, the income level and saving ability of divorced families no-divorced as well as age structure and educational level of those respondent and explain cause of divorce, impact of divorce on economic, on income level of divorced family, impact on the children's of divorced family and women's. Based on necessary data analysis and presentation statics by percentage through tables statement and justification about issues finally, concluded the general over view in this study and recommend the overall problems will be analysis in this study. The researchers recommended important solutions for divorce, which cannot be eradicated totally, government and nongovernmental organization have to support those women who divorced and train how to generate income and saving ability based on the findings of the study. 

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