A Comprehensive Study of Energy Mechanisms in IoT System for Medical Domain

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Prince Tehseen Ganai, Dr. Pradnya Wankhade


Electronic medical records, for example, are a necessity for the health care system, which benefits from the use of information technology (EMR). An IoT with 5G network research model has been presented to examine how the technology might improve various healthcare services. Physicians in remote places may find it challenging to provide continuous monitoring for their patients via telemedicine, for example. Unreliable networks and weak signals, as well as incompatible equipment, increase the likelihood that conversations or video conferences will be disrupted and that patients will be unable to get treatment on time. The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networking are expected to revolutionise communication. IoT model advantages are measured by 5G and IoT characteristics, as well as a healthcare service demand, in the IoT model. Models employing the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technologies will be shown in this article to demonstrate how healthcare services may be enhanced in efficiency and effectiveness. Literature review and modelling are two of the primary methods we use to conduct our study. Information technology applications in healthcare may be used to improve the quality of healthcare services and help improve the overall health of the healthcare business.

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