Lived Experience of Virtual Learning Spaces amid COVID-19 Outbreak: A Case of Public Secondary Schools in Kashmir

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Tariq Ahmad Wani, Showket Nabi, Habibullah Shah


The global educational system collapsed amid COVID-19 pandemic from elementary to tertiary level, not only in India rather through out globe. The virtual educational space have been widely exposed during covid-19 pandemic. Due to excessive use of technology tools, there emerges a need to increase the knowledge of students’ and teachers’ experiences with virtual spaces. This study aimed to develop an in-depth understanding of teachers’ and students’ lived experiences about virtual learning spaces amid COVID-19 outbreak. This study was carried out in two public secondary schools in Kashmir using Phenomenology as a design. The research methods include semi-structured interview and focus group discussion. Five students and five teachers participated in the study. The findings revealed that virtual learning spaces differ from physical learning environments in terms of freedom, flexibility, and collaboration. Furthermore, results depicted that Covid-19 brought change in perception among students and teachers regarding traditional built classroom space as being the sole conducive learning space. However, in virtual spaces participants experienced lack of emotional  interactivity and complexity.


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