Examining the Influence of QSR Green Practices on Customer

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Dr. Kumendra Raheja, Dr. Chanakya Kumar


Quick Service Restaurants are progressively following suit as, according to (Deveau, 2009; Dutta, Umashankar, Choi, & Parsa, 2008), businesses realise the environmental, economic, and societal benefits of adopting green practises. Some of the motivating factors for service firms to go green are increased competition in the marketplace, changing guest demand, and increased environmental concern. The current study examines the perceptions of a random sample of quick service restaurant customers about restaurant green practises in order to determine the impact these practises may have on customer satisfaction, intent to patronise the restaurant, and thus the bottom line of the businesses.

The authors assessed the impact of 4 factors viz; Natural/organic ingredient, Environmentally Friendly Product, Pro-environmental activities and Ambience.

The data demonstrate that, while most consumers feel restaurants should use green practises, they are not so willing to pay higher rates but are willing to visit again for those green activities. Another conclusion is that environmentally friendly products and pro environmental activities have significant relation with consumer intention to visit quick service restaurant who are doing green practice.

Furthermore, the findings revealed that using green practises can boost profitability by decreasing operations, increase consumer happiness by delivering safe organic products, and engage in active environmental actions.

Quick Service Restaurants should improve understanding of green practises by promoting them to the public in order to raise public awareness of such activities.

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