Teachers’ Challenges And Their Perception - An Interventional Study Through Reading And Reflecting For Collaborative Learning

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Ms. Padmashree.G.S, Dr. Mamatha.H.K


Teaching is complex and multi-dimensional, and it has multiple challenges, like academics, classroom management,  relationship with students, peers and parents and handling such challenges requires multiple skills. The objective of this study was to assess the change in perception of teachers towards their challenges by an interventional approach of reading and reflecting. This was measured by administering a questionnaire, where the teachers rated their perception of challenges in their profession before and after the reading sessions. The reading was done online (Zoom) with 25 to 35 teachers attending the session. A structured questionnaire (developed by the researcher, validated and tested for reliability with Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.94) was administered before and after the intervention. Data was analysed using mean analysis and t-test. Factor analysis was used to categorise the challenges. Results showed a significant reduction in the degree of difficulty the teachers experienced regarding the academic and student challenges.

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