Talent Analytics And Its Affect On Employee Retention- Employee Perspective

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Mr. Jayanta Bagchi, Dr. Amarendra Pattnaik


The pool of talent is just what distinguishes a good organization from an ordinary one. Hiring and retaining the right talent are the two most significant challenges for an HR Manager. Talent in true sense is short in supply and the market for the best has become extremely competitive. Talented individuals are no longer merely inspired by monetary compensation to work for a company. Rather it is appropriately to be said that they are looking for a variety of different non-financial factors which can motivate them such as opportunity to learn, career and development opportunities, corporate culture, participation in decision making, empowerment, engagement and so forth. Talented employees have got other alternatives and are willing to shift over to other organization. As a consequence, employee retention has become a major part of the HR function. Organizations are leveraging on a range of strategic choices in order to maintain these employees. Many enterprises are incorporating data analytical tools for improving employee retention. They collect all pertinent data required to enhance employee retention and prevent attrition. The researchers of this article tried to analyze the various reasons that stimulate employees to quit or whether talent analytics aids in employee retention

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