Measuring the Influence of Human Resource Management on Environmental Performance: Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour for the Environment

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Dr. Vivek Tiwari, Dr. K. Sankara Moorthy, Dr. R. Krishnaraj, Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Anju Tripathi, Dr. Ashish Mohture


The study is an attempt to explore the relationship among strategic human resource management (SHRM), organisational citizenship behaviour for the environment (OCBE) and environmental performance (EP) at workplace. Present work tries to explore the direct and indirect (via OCBE) impact of SHRM on EP.  It’s a unique attempt made by the researcher to investigate the impact that human resource management practices may have on the environmental performance of an organisation in Indian context. A survey was conducted with the help of reliable and validated questionnaires from 1432 respondents across 181 different pharmaceutical organisations in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The findings of the study suggest that strategic human resource management impacts environmental performance in both ways i.e., directly and indirectly (via OCBE).

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