Confirmatory Factor Analysis on Technology Leadership Measurement

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Nor Asikin Mohamad, Mua’azam Mohamad


Measurement of Technology Leadership is widely used to measure the technology leadership practice by many researchers. This measurement were developed based on the frame of National  Standards Technology for Administrator (NETS-A) 2009 by International Society of Technology Education. Technology leadership measurement consists of five dimensions namely visionary leadership, The Learning Culture of the Digital Age, Excellence in Professional Practice, Systemic Improvements and Digital Citizenship. The objectives of this study were (i) to evaluate the measurement of Technology Leadership by CFA, (ii) to know the reliability of the model, and (iii) to prove the validity of the model. The results showed that the resulting model from measurement of Technology Leadership using CFA. The findings also show items and the number of items resulting from the CFA. The resulting model will help next researchers especially in studies related to technology leadership. The study revealed that school leaders should enhance existing technology leadership practices in order to lead schools to compete with the outside world.


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