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Rahmat Fadhli, Aan Komariah, Munir, Abu Bakar, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Muthahharah Thahir


This research aims to determine which factors were the most influential aspects to contribute to students’ learning achievement based on the students' perceptions. The factors were grouped into four scales: teacher’s role, school culture, learning facilities, and parental involvement. The study used a quantitative descriptive method at four Junior High Schools in Gowa district, with a total population of 1428 students and research samples were 160 students. The results showed that each indicator affected the student's learning achievement, as the order is: the teacher's role is the most influential factor (85.18%), followed respectively by school culture (81.48), learning facilities (80.625%), and parental involvement (78.33%). Therefore, schools should develop and improve these factors to maximize the impact on student learning achievements. This research recommends to the school principals as the leader of learning process to simply pay attention to the teacher’s learning method, the ambiance of school culture, learning facilities, and always hand-in-hand with the parents to nurture the students.

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