History and culture of the indigenous communities of Quindigua Bajo and Quinoacorral, parish of Guanujo, Guaranda, province of Bolivar (Ecuador)

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Oswaldo Zaruma Pilamunga, Carlos Manuel Domínguez Sánchez, Adriana del Rocío Rodríguez Ruiz


This paper presents a historical overview and characterization of activities typical of the indigenous communities of Quinoacorral and Quindigua Bajo, in the Bolívar province, located in the Sierra region of Ecuador. It is the rescue of the heritage of humanity, the survival of its cultural diversity and the preservation of peoples' roots, present interests. As a method in the study, in addition to the bibliographic review, interviews with its actors, elderly people, and the elderly who keep their memories and transmit the history heard from their ancestors or their own experiences were used as the only way to recover and transmit knowledge ancestors of certain cultures. As results, the referred communities settled in regions suitable for production and cultivation in the high moors are identified due to the fertility of their soils; Kichwa speech predominates, or the expression of "chawpi shimi" whose cultural element characterizes them; the festivities of San Pedro are the most relevant in the region within a cultural syncretism; and the participation of the community members of these areas in the history of this Ecuadorian region is relevant to the claim of their rights as citizens at all times, from their emergence to the present day.

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