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STARLY O.S, C. Karuppiah


The "People's Planning" program was implemented through participatory democracy through the Local Self Government Institutions in Kerala. The Covid-19 started to spread when Janakeeyasoothranam -the people’s planning program  entered its 25th year. The objectives of decentralized participatory planning are to prepare the people's system for dealing with the development and emergencies of a community. The knowledge and experience for this was  gained from the participatory planning process. This helped to plan and execute the pandemic defense activities flawlessly in the most scientific and participatory manner. The society has set up a mechanism to combat the pandemic by keeping people from all walks of life involved in preventive activities. The working experience gained through the people's planning movement (Janakeeyasoothranam) implemented by Kerala, has enabled to keep the people together and work with a sense of direction without giving up vigilance. The main agenda of decentralized participatory planning is to prepare the people's system for dealing with the development and emergencies of a community. It was through this kind of people’s participation program that Kerala organized the Covid defense activities beautifully. Through the experience from peoples planning process being implemented through local bodies Kerala has come a long way in shaping infrastructure and nurturing peoples community. The culture formed through this community helped to prevent Covid-19 in grass root level. The agencies like Kudumbasree under local bodies have an important role in preventing the society during covid pandemic. To ensure food availability in the lockdown Janakeeya hotels and community kitchens were started by Kudumbasree along with the support of the locals. This paper aims on How the Local Bodies was able to prevent covid pandemic by inter joining the support from the community.

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