Influence of IQ and Personality on College Students' Academic Performance In A Philippine State University

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Glynne P. Bate, Severina P. Velos, Grace B. Gimena, Marivel B. Go


Several studies in the past determined variables  that have significant  impact on  students’  academic performance. The focus of the present study is to determine the influence of intelligence based on IQ and personality traits on students’ academic performance. The study utilized the descriptive correlational method using a standardized questionnaire for data gathering. Respondents were students who were randomly selected from the College of Education and Bachelor in Industrial Technology.  Data collected from the study were calculated with the use of  SPSS version 22. Results showed that the respondents' level of personality in terms of the Five Big factors: creativity, resilience, achievement, agreeableness, and extraversion, are independent of their IQ level. The bivariate correlation analysis found that the students' performance through their GPA is moderately and positively correlated (r = 0.67) to their IQ level. For students’  academic performance and personality, results showed that their traits of agreeableness and achievement were positively correlated with their performance to a low degree. In contrast, a negative correlation was shown between their academic performance and their creativity, extraversion, and resilience traits. Data from regression analysis further revealed that the respondents' intelligence (IQ) was the sole predictor of their academic performance; their personality traits have not influenced their academic performance.

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