Talent Management and Employee Engagement – A Study on Selected IT Companies in Bangalore City

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Madhuri Jha et al.


The Indian Information Technology Industry is growing at a rapid pace which is intensifying competition among various players.  The main resources on which the Information Technology Industry is built is the "manpower". Therefore, there is a need to develop the Human resource practices to acquire, maintain and engage proficient employees in the organization. Nevertheless, the Human Resource practices have been flourishing from single position planning in 1950’s to replacement planning, succession planning and Talent Management which are now taking over. Innovation is the need of the hour especially for retaining the Generation Y and it is also imperative to keep the best people in the organization. This study aims to answer the following questions: The degree to which innovative Human resource practices impact employee retention, The level Indian Information Technology companies have succeeded in inculcating Human resource practices, and the vital conclusion of the study is how innovative Human resource practices influence the organizational commitment and performance of the employees. The study is based on empirical test which is drawn from a sample (N- 120) consisting of employees from top Information Technology companies in Bangalore city. Interview schedules and questionnaires were administered for data collection. Statistical testing (ANOVA Test and correlation analysis) was performed using SPSS software. The study finally concludes whether innovativetalent management practices contribute to employee and organizational welfare, growth, and performance or conversely whether the employee conditions and the organizational goals contribute to innovation in Human resource practices of the organization.

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