An Ecocritical Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Short Story ‘Little Ones’ Translated by Ipsita Chanda

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Toijam Chanu Panthoi et al.


Ecocriticism is a term used to denote a critical approach in literature which was introduced in the later half of the twentieth century and relatively a budding theory in literature. It seeks to dismantle the anthropocentric worldview that humans are the most supreme entity or element in the whole universe as being superior to all other entities of nature including plants, animals, resources, etc. The present paper aims to analyse the story entitled ‘Little Ones’, written by Mahasweta Devi, from an ecocritical point of view. The story is a critique of the adversities undergone by the most immediate companion of nature,the Adivasis, on account of their defence of nature. It projects the dooming lives of the subaltern tribes inhabiting the Indian subcontinent whose rights have been overlooked by the government at the cost of its own interest. Their economic condition submerged into the predominant feudal system and their existence further worsened by environment-harming policies of the government,leave them with no means to escape.

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