Assessing the Marketing Strategies of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technology- A Study

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Subhranshu Sahani et al.


In the current financial market environment, the research emphasizes the importance and benefits of blocks in technology and distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, because of the amount of innovation it delivers to current organizations, it has become a significant force in the market. Many businesses and organizations throughout the world are finding it difficult to grasp the concept of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) and improve their current operations. Understanding the concept and operation of technological blocks can help to improve this specific disruption. Although both are distinct, blockchain technology is often used interchangeably with distributed ledger technology (DLT). Blockchain employs a variety of technologies, one of which is distributed legend technology, which enables blockchain applications. A blockchain is an immutable shared ledger that aids in the tracking of assets and the recording of transactions in a corporate network. A blockchain network can trade nearly anything with a value, whether it is intangible or tangible. It aids in the reduction of costs and hazards associated with existing financial authorities. Blockchain technology is relatively new in the present industry, but its numerous advantages have the potential to disrupt current financial structures. The paper examines the disruptive dynamics of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, as well as their impact on the current financial system.

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