The Effectiveness of Teaching the 5W1H Strategy in Scientific Sense among Fifth Grade Bioscience Students in Biology

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Prof. Dr. Munther Mubdar Abdul Karim Al-Abbasi, Raji Jaber Rasan Al-Shablawi


The research aims to identify the effectiveness of the 5W1H strategy     in the scientific sense of the fifth grade students of the bioscience subject, as the research sample included two groups, one of which was represented by the control group and the number of its students was (32) students, and the other was represented by the experimental group and the number of its students was (30) students, and in a random withdrawal method, the two researchers chose (olive prep for boys ) from the research community represented in the middle and secondary schools of the Directorate of Education in Qadisiyah Governorate/ center, as the researchers adopted the experimental research approach as a method for conducting their research, which includes an independent variable (5W1H strategy) And a dependent variable (scientific sense), as the researchers chose the experimental design to adjust the research variables, and before starting the application of the experiment, the researchers rewarded the two research groups for the purpose of obtaining accurate results with the following variables: (the age of time calculated in months, the previous achievement of students, and the intelligence test of Daniels, the scale of scientific sense), and after conducting the equivalence between the two research groups, the researchers prepared the requirements of the application of the experiment of plans, goals and tests for the two research groups, and after the completion of the application of the experiment, the researchers applied their research tool to the two research groups, as the researchers obtained data for the two research groups, and those data were processed statistically by Test (t-test) for two independent samples and the results showed, the students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group according to the strategy of5W1H  in the scientific sense. 

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