A Peek at the Food Delivery Application Adoption Reluctance among Generation Y in Malaysia

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Wong Lai Soon , K. Gengeswari , Khor Saw Chin


This study explores the underlying reasons for reluctance toward the food delivery application (FDA) services among Generation Y. Both technological and non-technological aspects of the online food delivery (OFD) services were researched. Generation Y in Malaysia, having experience using FDA in the last three months, were approached using the judgmental sampling technique. Out of the 240 responses gathered through the Google Form survey, 35 were screened out. Result reveals a significant impact of social influence on the key determinants (i.e.feature of mobile apps and perceived risks)  of adoption reluctance. However, these two key determinants had an insignificant and significant relationship with adoption reluctance. Additionally, experience has a weak moderation effect between adoption reluctance and its key determinants. This study provides a quick glimpse of Generation Y individuals’ FDA adoption reluctance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it explains 28.7 per cent of the respondents’ adoption reluctance, which implies that other constructs could lead to their adoption reluctance. Finally, it extends the final version of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by contributing additional empirical evidence on the crucial role of non-technological aspects, especially social influence, in affecting electronic consumer behaviour.

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