The design possibilities of Hand tuft carpets in expressing the aesthetic values of fine arts (practical models)

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Ismail Ibrahim Mahmoud, Hanaa Kamel Hassan Alseaidy


Hand tuft is a method used in the creation of pendants and floor furniture. The basic elements of carpet design examined in all of their production processes, as well as how to balance the design space, lines, shapes, and colors. Hand tuft carpets characterized by a high level of flexibility, complete freedom in production processes and color selection, and no constraints on aesthetic effects within a single piece of carpet. The two researchers looked at ways to use Hand tuft carpets' technical capabilities and design elements to express the aesthetic ideals of the plastic arts. The researchers looked into the methods for delivering design concepts that are appealing to consumers' tastes and that keep up with the language of the times with new visions in order to arrive at unique design solutions that are pleasing to the eye. The plastic arts' creative ideas and aesthetic ideals can used to help carpet and tapestry makers increase their visual awareness. Kandinsky, one of the pioneers of abstract art, was the inspiration for painting models. The design capabilities of Hand tuft carpets used to do geometric analysis of Kandinsky's paintings and to present contemporary visions borrowed from Art Nouveau schools. The two researchers introduced new aesthetic influences that can used to create carpets and textile hangings that are technically and functionally compatible with abstract art subjects.

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