Covid Surveillance System Using Face Mask Detection with Body Temperature and Pulse Rate

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K. Sunnihitha, J Swetha Priyanka


Infection with the Corona virus has identified as a prominent public health concern in 2019. It is fast spreading due to its own contact transparency. As little more than a result, the Department of Health advised individuals to wear masks when they were out in public. Avoid densely packed areas as a precaution. As a result of inadequate disease control, the use of a face mask has led with in rapid spread of the disease in many regions. The COVID Viruses, which would be more contagious and dangerous, is more vulnerable to humans. More prophylactic measures to guard against viruses threats are being investigated in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. The mask is a soul device that protects the human body against pathogens. Carelessness is a character flaw that some people display when they cough and sneeze without wear a face mask, acting as carriers and spreaders. Without a face mask, entering public locations is extremely dangerous. For early diagnosis of COVID viral symptoms, temperature and Spo2 concentrations are much more important. To catch the face mask, a high-end camera is used in collaboration only with Raspberry Pi processor. The status of the facial mask when it's being worn is determined using the CNN classification algorithm. A pulse oximeter is used to quantify Spo2 levels, and non-contact measuring equipment is used to determine body temperature. The three criteria are utilized to close and open an office or retail mall's entrance gate. The gateway temporarily closed as well as the buzzer is triggered if such combination of three factors results in such a fault state. The Iot devices will be used to transport the aggregated data to a web page.

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