The Matters That Hinder Students’ Motivation in Learning Speaking Skills in Haro Sabu High School Grade9 in Focus

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Wakgari Haile Geisa


The purpose of this research was to investigate the factors that affect grade 9 students’motivation to learn speaking in EFL class at HaroSabu High School. There were 500 grade9 students in the year 2021 G.C. Of these populations, 160 (32%) students and 4 EFLteachers were selected as research sample using simple random sampling techniques. Theresearch used cross sectional survey technique design with mixed approach. The researchinstruments were questionnaire, classroom observation, and interview. The collected data were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. From the analysis of the collected data it was found that the major factors affecting students’ motivation to learn speaking skills were teachers’ inappropriate use of motivation al behaviors, insufficient motivation and guidance from EFLteachers, students’ poor background and lack of interest.Finally, recommendations were forwarded to EFL teachers to be committed, work cooperatively and use different motivational techniques.

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