Vital Success Factors for Online Retailers- A Literature Review and Future Agenda

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Dr. Pankaj Agarwal, Dr. Amar Johri


This literature review paper attempts to study and find out the factors which are vital for the survival and success of online retailers. The article is based on a literature review and used the TCCM framework also along with the systematic review. TCCM uses a review based on Theory, Context, Characteristics, and Methodology.This study found a total of eighty-eight variables essential for the success of online retailers. These eighty-eight variables have been grouped into ten constructs.Taking care of eighty-eight variables/sub-factors grouped into ten constructs/ factors will help online retailers in getting success in a competitive market.Literature review to develop comprehensive factors vital for the success of online retailers has been only a few in past. This review paper develops a comprehensive checklist for the success of online retailers.


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