Hydro-Politics Of The Horn Of Africa: With Particular Narrative On Trans-Boundary Water Conflict

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Benti Mekonen Abdisa, BiruAyana, Degaga Hambisa Wayu


It is apparent that, ever since the late ninetieth century European colonial authorities, mainly of Great Britain, and the Egyptians have been obsessed by the waters of theNile. It reached its pinnacle, gradually but steadily, during the twentieth century—when various“treaties and agreements” were signed for the best advantage of the colonialists and the downstream states. Such accords utterly ignored or marginalized the upstream states, includingEthiopia. Hence, it set off verbal wars or internet fighting among the riparian states—oftenbetween the Egyptian and the Ethiopian government officials, when the latter recently unleashedits natural rights for the exploitation of the Nile waters. Dealing with this point, in the process oforganizing and finalizing this article, the Ethiopian government claims for huge and continuousconstruction of HEP projects on the tributaries of the Blue Nile River worried the Egyptiangovernment that eventually might produce acrimonious relations between the two nations, inparticular.

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