Thyrotoxicosis in a Patient with Thyroid Storm after of Radio-pharmaceutically Induced Therapeutic Lysis of Thyroid Gland

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Patel Harshvardhan Anilbhai, N. Anuradha, S. Suresh Kanna, Sunil Thomas George, Srinivasarao Gopisetty, K.M.Vignesh


Excessiveproduction of thyroid hormone secretion causes thyroid storm, an uncommon illness. The earlier a thyroid storm is detected, the lower the risk of severity and fatality. Thyroid storm shows symptoms include unexplainedloss of weight , hyperactivity, and anxiety. Thyrotoxicosis is most commonly caused by Graves' disease, toxic multinodular goitre, and toxic adenoma. A unusual instance of thyroid storm caused by radiopharmaceutical therapy is presented. 12 weeksafter starting immunotherapy, the individual was hospitalized for a thyroid storm.This patient was treated with β-blockers, antithyroid drugs and steroids which shows good results in thyroid function testand symptoms.

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