Transmuted Survival of Rayleigh Distribution

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Marwa Abbas Madhloom, Kareema Abed AL- Kadim


In this research, a new distribution is found as a survival model by using the survival function by a transmuted distribution of quadratic rank, where we used the transformed Rayleigh distribution from the quadratic order to reach the transmuted Rayleigh distribution as a survival model (TSR) and the last distribution is very necessary because it is more flexible and accurate in the application of the data where sometimes there are data that do not fit the standard distribution , so a new distribution  gives more accurate results in the application of data.The probability density function and the probability cumulative function are extracted. And derived the statistical and mathematical characteristics of the new spreading with the dependability performance. We also estimated a data set using a classical methods, and it proved the superiority of our new distribution compared to the original distribution.

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