Education of Children of Tea Garden Workers: Organisations, Provisions and Challenges

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Sultana Begum, Dr. QuaziFerdoushi Islam


The tea garden workers are generally known as “Tea Tribe” In Assam the tea garden workers are the ones of the marginalized group or community which is still deprived from education. Although the government has taken numerous measures to improve their educational and socio-economic conditions but still they are lagging behind in the process of comprehensive development. The future of a nation is being framed by the children. Children are not only the hope of one’s family but also anticipation of the development of one’s community or society and the country. Education is a process which can bring the progression of the community and when community will be developed, the state or the nations will uplift as well.

This paper deals with the education of children of tea garden in the state of Assam and its aims to highlight the various government organizations, schemes andprovisions and the challengesin attaining the benefits from these. The study draws on the review of secondary data such as journals, articles, document, and news paper clippings etc. After observing and analyzing all the secondary sources, the study reveals that the condition of education of tea garden workers children is still very impoverished.

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