Factors affecting posttraumatic growth among parents of pre-term with severe jaundice

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Dr Simplejit Kaur Dhanoa, Dr Sukhmani Singh


Pre-term babies are at higher risk for developmental delays in later year of their life and also suffer from serious complications like severe jaundice. Caring a pre-term is sensitive aspect of parenting because chronic medical conditions become stressful for primary caregivers. However, different personality traits and coping strategies promote positive growth during critical stressful situations. In this study parents of preterm neonates with severe jaundice were studied to find out the factors affecting post-traumatic growth. The total sample of three hundred parents were collected with standardized psychological tools. The outcomes of research shows that variables such as different coping skills, personality traits and parental stress are act as predictors of post-traumatic growth. Further, based on outcomes, suggestions were incorporated to prevent parental stress at initial stage and recommendations were given to promote mental health care at antenatal and postnatal levels.

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