Opinion of Students of Lovely Professional University on HIJAB CONTROVERSY

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Kanak K Khan, Suman Chib, Dr. Keshlata


Researcher: Kanak K Khan, Suman Chib.

Presentation Title: Opinion of students of Lovely Professional University on Hijab Controversy.

Research Focus: Social and Ethics.

The Karnataka High Court has taken up the case of Muslim women students at a Government College in the town of Udupi who were denied access into their class because they wore Hijab, a head scarf, a covering to which they were accustomed. Initially, there were just six of these kids, but their numbers grew exponentially over time. They did not revolt suddenly; this was a practice that other female members of their families were also used to, and they just followed after understanding that it was part of their faith and belief.

Despite students' protests, the college management relented on its decision to prohibit hijab in government college classrooms. They and their parents argued with college officials that it is their constitutional right to dress according to their religious practice. The educational institution cited a government directive mandating all students to wear a set uniform, and hijab is not part of the uniform. Resham, a student, sought the Karnataka High Court to seek redress, and three other students joined in the case known as Resham v State of Karnataka and Ors. As a result, the case is presently in court.

We have all heard the negative and positive comments delivered by some well known politicians and other dignitaries. As we all know that Lovely Professional University has a diversity of students studying from different states and countries. This project is based on what do students of LPU think about the ongoing hot topic of the Hijab Controversy.

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