Revolutionary of School Youth Soccer Management Development in

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Bu Lusheng, Mohd Salleh Aman, Lim Boon Hooi


In the past few decades, Chinese soccer has experienced a tortuous and long way for a struggle to rise up. It finally reached a conclusion that school youth soccer is the only way to solve the problem. Many scholars have studied the history and development of Chinese youth soccer reserve talent training. However, there are few studies focusing on school youth soccer. It can be said that the development level of the youth soccer is the key indicator for measuringthe national soccer level. Before the instigation of the school youth soccer program, the Chinese youth soccer population has been up and down for various reasons, form the highest 650,000 in 1995 dropped sharply down to 50,000 in 2005. While since the launching of the school youth soccer plan, the numbers of young soccer participants have seen sharply growing, which greatly promotes the soccer sport in China.This paper explores the key drivers behind school youth soccermanagement development, as well as the problems it is currently facing.It concludes that factors which have resulted in the rebound of Chinese youth soccer revolve around government management, policy support, coach education programs, increased opportunities for clubs, leagues, and schools, and, collaboration with stakeholders within and outside soccer foundation cities.By following these principles, it will be possible to for the Chinesesoccerto continuously advance.

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