The Impact of Demographic Diversity in Egyptian Banks on Management Board Performance

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Dr. Sameh M. Abdelhay, Dr. Hossam Korany, Dr. Mahmoud Elsawy


In light of the previously discovered discrepancies between the gender, age, time, and education variety of employees and the efficiency of Egyptian banks' banking operations, the purpose of this article is to examine the linear and nonlinear connections between these variables (BANKS). Research found that the number of board members (board gender, age, time, and education) has a positive linear correlation with corporate performance. We found that having a diverse board of directors, regardless of size or industry, had a positive influence on the success of the companies that had it. Gender and occupational disparities have little effect on a company's success.

According to these demographic factors: sexual identity, age, length and education level. Variables like religion or language were omitted from the analysis. The outcomes of this study will be useful to companies that build corporate boards that are heavily focused on knowledge. Having a diverse board of directors is essential for increasing productivity.

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