Effectiveness of Using Training Methods to Develop Some Physical Requirements Special for Long-Distance Players at The Future Academy of Athletics

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Nader Ismail Halawa


The research aims to identify the effect of using some training methods to develop some special physical abilities of long-distance players. The sample of the research consisted of 16 players who were chosen intentionally from the Future Academy for Athletics, the sample was divided equally into and control and experimental groups. The researcher used the experimental method through applying (pre- and post-test) for each group as this suits the nature of the research, the application of the training program took 8 weeks with 3 training sessions per week.

The results showed that there were differences in the average scores between the two groups, in addition to an improvement in the training methods tests between the pre and post measurements of the experimental group in favor of the post-measurement, where the improvement rates ranged between (3.33 - 4%), and the average overall improvement rate for the variables was (17.4%). This indicates a significant improvement in the level of training methods tests, which confirms that the training program contributed to improving the physical characteristics and the digital level of the sample members.

The research has shown that the training program using training methods affected the improvement of performance level in the research sample. Additionally, the training program by containing elements of suspense, excitement, and reinforcement has shortened the learning and training process compared to usually used methods.The researcher recommends that training programs using the three training methods exercises will improveboth the physical abilities and the digital level of players.

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