Help-Seeking Behavior for Mental Health Problems among Employees: A Systematic Review

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Ain Zuraini Zin Aris, Siti Zubaidah Othman


Mental health problems are treatable and preventable. Nevertheless, getting treatment seems inconvenient for many people. Sufficient and effective treatments that motivate help-seeking are required for mental health issue prevention, early identification, prompt treatment, and recovery. In the workplace, mental health issues should be enlightened as they could affect work performance and impact others in the surrounding. Hence, this study aimed to systematically review randomized research on help-seeking behaviors for mental health problems focusing on employees using the Scopus database. Based on the review, the research on help-seeking behavior remains understudied even though most studies encourage help-seeking for mental health issues. Thus, further research is warranted to expand the understanding of this matter, such as people’s preferences and factors or barriers to seeking assistance when facing mental health issues, especially in the work context.

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