Intellectual Property management in IOT and Big Data integration in healthcare for smart health monitoring

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De. Rituparna, Nath. Aranya, Dash. Parimita, Agre. Kartik, Praharaj Shyama Shreeja


From the early ages of human beings to the newest phase of aspiring humans the global vision increases our awareness between technology and life. Now a day's in the technological arena cloud computing plays a crucial role in today's healthcare domain because of its low cost and convenient service accessibility. IOT provides a wide variety of health care innovations to enhance the coordination and lifestyle of people in need.  The authors in this chapter depict some of the recent trends of IOT and big data for smart health monitoring and also their applications are needed to be discussed thoroughly especially mobile health, Big data, etc. This would help the readers to understand the current emerging of technology in smart health. In addition to it, the authors will contemplate the pros and cons of the current emerging technology which has significant inception. Secondly, the most important factor has to be determined with the recent trends of innovation i.e. Intellectual Property Rights Management for collateral assets. This shall enable the readers to grasp the connection between the two fields, gradually. Finally, the objective of this paper is to gain knowledge on medical technologies and IPR management protection.

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